Lion City Hash House Harriers
Contact Details
Mailing address:
                     Lion City Hash House Harriers 
                     1A Bright Hill Drive
                     Thomson View Condo
                     Singapore 579581
Bank information:
                     Lion City Hash House Harriers (Payee)
                     DBS Bank Ltd/ 7171
                     Branch: DBS Marina Bay FC / 001
                     Account no. 001-025462-6
                     SWIFT Code: DBSSSGSG
If you do internet banking transfers, please make sure your name is fully spelled out in the transfer instructions. Or better, send an Email to the Hash Cash.
Cheque deposits into the account or ATM deposits are not recommended. If you do, you absolutely need to inform the Hash Cash by Email.
Registry of Societies:
                     UEN Ref: S83SS0061C
                     ROS Ref: 149/83
                     Place of business:
                     1A Bright Hill Drive
                     1A Thomson View Condominium
                     Singapore 579581
Useful contacts:
                     Crossroads Brewing Company Singapore
                                Singapore Island Brewing Company Pte Ltd
                                 2 Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore 278090
                                 Pick-up address: 2 Jalan Merah Saga, S278090, Tel 8525 1624
                                 See Crossroads bottleshop:
                     Mr. Ho, 6363 6449; 9780 9160
                     Shirts: Sin Mui Mui Pte Ltd.
                                 Kelvin 6748 4038, 9380 7626, kelvin[at]smm[dot]com[dot]sg
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