How do I get to the run-site?

If you have your own mode of transportation, refer to the given map reference, run-site location, and look the Google Map reference on the Website. Public transport on the page "More Info..." That's how all the regular hashers find the run-site.

If you can't find someone to give you a ride, use the local taxi service. Most taxi drivers have, at one time or another, taken someone to a hash run so most of them know what to expect. Again, use the given map reference and run-site location.

Can anyone just go and join a hash run?

Yes, provided you introduce yourself and register with the Hash Cash at the beginning of the run.

If you absolutely don't know a soul, turn on your charm and chat up someone who looks like a member. Maybe he/she will do the necessary introduction for you. It's extremely informal, so relax. The committee members have their picture on the Committee (see Contact Us) page, so you could use that as a guide.

How much are the guest fees?

$20 for ladies, $25 for men

The amount paid entitles the guest to the run and all the liquid refreshments he/she can consume after the run and during the circle, until the circle is declared over. Good deal, huh?

Members' quarterly subscriptions are S$150 for men and S$ 100 for ladies if you wish to join. Upon joining, we request you to add a sum of one quarter subscriptions as a deposit. The deposit will be refunded the moment you resign, unless you leave without paying your subs.

How long are the runs?

A well-laid run should take an hour. The fastest runners and the slowest joggers should come back within minutes of each other.

And how is that possible?

Good hares make sure there are sufficient false trails, tough checks, and loops to fool the front runners enough so that the back runners will always have a chance to catch up. Of course, I am referring to an ideal scenario. We always try to keep all runs to the hour but this is not a perfect world. Not to worry, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well you can manage a hash run even if you think jogging 3km is a major event.

What should I bring?

A change of clothes, a towel, some bottles of water to wash up with, fresh footwear, some plastic bags to dump your dirty stuff, some money for guest fees and the on-on (dinner after the run), and a huge sense of humour and adventure.

Is my stuff safe at the run-site?

Most of the hashers come to the run-site directly from their offices, usually lugging their laptops, files, etc. There is an average of 10 cars at each run, and the standard practice is to stash your valuables in a fellow-hasher's trunk (boot). If unfamiliar, the first people you should seek out upon arriving at the run-site are the Hash Cash, Grand Mistress, Grand Master or any committee member who will be more than happy to direct you to a safe storage for your stuff. It's a great way to make immediate friends as well.

What time should I be at the run-site?

The runs start promptly at 1800hrs (that's 6pm to the masses). Be at the run-site by 1730hrs (5:30pm) for registration with the Hash Cash and maybe some mutual back-slapping exercises.

And finally, what is Hashing?

The hash run is designed for a group of individuals (the "Pack" or "Hash") to follow a trail (true or false) created by two or three other individuals (the "Hares") from a start point to a finish point.

The distance varies from 7-10 km and the finishing point is usually the starting point, though not always so.  The ideal duration for the entire hash run should be 60 minutes, with the slowest runners coming in within 5 minutes of the fastest runners.

Some runs are called "bus runs". In this case, all runners will either start off the run and continue until some far off end point. There, there will be the welcome sight of a bus and beer to bring the pack back to the starting point (Bus Back Run). Alternatively, the runners will be bussed to a far away starting point run back to the meeting point which then becomes the end point (Bus Out Run).

Most times the run is set in the a few hours before the run. If it is an evening run the hares will set it sometime in the early afternoon.

Another form of laying the run is called the "Live Hare Run". In this variation, the hares run out in advance of the pack and set a course.

In either case, the course is marked by hash marks: splashes of white flour, toilet paper (biodegradable), and chalk marks. Traditionally, hash marks were uniformly-cut rectangles of paper liberally scattered in clumps along the trail. Over the years, the Hash House Harriers recognised the need to keep their activities environmentally-friendly and the traditional hash paper was phased out.

In a Live Hare Run, the hares get a 15 minute head start and the pack will follow their trail and try to catch the hares. If one or more of the hares are caught, they are penalized by having to perform a "down-down."

The Hash House Harriers pride themselves as a drinking club with a running problem. Based on that creed, every Hash Run should be viewed upon as a game rather than an outright race.

Serious runners have the rest of the week to compete in other official events, but in a Hash Run, every runners aim should be to try to second-guess the Hares. The Hares, on the other hand, should always try their best to out-smart the pack when they design their route.

Racing on the Hash is just not done. It is strictly a social event.

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