Do we ever struggle for material? Not on this hash – on in Stash. Our MW had boldly called on on, after sighting very clear paper, but Stash questioned Running Sh#t – are you sure? Give the blind bstd a note…..


And then it’s the turn of ‘Bibrator’ and Circle Jerk. As Bibrator was apparently effortlessly climbing a fence, followed by Stick Her Shock, Circle Jerk asked – do you like going behind? And as Circle Jerk then struggled to get his leg over, the circle sang – here’s to the sexually deprived one, he’s true blue….


Restoring order, Voting Bitch tells us a showering story. Whilst our GM was soaping up, Corny Linquist borrowed some soap. “I’m going to Europe tonight, and now that I’m clean, maybe I’ll get to join the mile high club? But according to 8:24, you don’t need a partner for that. Here’s to the hopeful one, he’s true blue….


And now it’s time for the Mystery, Mystery whip. Was it Ditch? No, it’s the hopeful one. Corny Linguist tells us of a most unusual incident. Something even rarer the the lunar eclipse – walkers broke a check tonight.Stick Her Shock, Sweet Thighs and Awesome4some were the incredible ones. So on in the FRB’s – 8:24 and Dim Sum, for failing to break the check and not calling on on. B.I.M.B.O…..


Next it was Cherry Picker, for something lost in translation about being a technical consultant to Corny Linguist and Shipyard Flasher? Puk Smuggler – is now the time for “don’t ask, don’t tell?


And with the PoTWMIA, up steps 8:24 exactly on time. LCH3 have some lovely harriets. Voting Bitch, Stick Her Shock and Goody Bag were showering at the ’vehicle’, and 8:24 was invited in. The harriets claimed there’s something in the jungle – pig noises! Then Goody Bag moved her car 2 metres – “I’m not like those American women who would fight a wild boar”. Lets give them all a note….


Circle Jerk then likens his next story to him telling the lovely Eleven, sorry darling, I’m working on my PC, whilst actually he is watching porn. As Cereal Killer was undressing, Tina Tuna grabbed her phone and started taking pics – shameless porno pics of the porn star’s tats. Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….


Lamenting there was no Tiger Lily to screw up the checks, Stash calls out the three musketeers – Cereal Killer, Juicy Pussy and Puk Smuggler. Disgraceful – they just ran over the checks. …..they ought to be publicly……


Deep Throat had been waiting for someone to call out Pokai, who was over heard to say, “my hair is long again , so now I can get a rich, old man. And not done with that, apparently Pokai had fallen down in a mall, and so went to get some TCM. With 25 needles stuck in, you would think Pokai would be on edge? But she fell asleep and had to be woken with a bell. B.I.M.B.O….


Stash reminds us how the harriets like to spruce up on the run. Awesome4some (apparently looking for a not so old man), was charged for curling her hair, but where’s the curling wand? She’s all right……


Struggling to get porn off his mind, Circle Jerk calls in 8:24 and Puk Smugglerfor bird ogling. Not a harriet but a King Fisher!! Give the twitterers a note….


Calling for respect for the GM’s, Pokai getsBibrator, Eleven and Smells Dirty on their feet, and exclaimed, that she had never, in her 30 years of working in a gym, seen anything like it. She was of course referring to Hooray’s arm waving warm up moves. Here’s to the short cutter….


Cake in hand with candles alight, Handbag calls in Tina Tuna for a birthday wish (I think we all know what Handbag was wishing for) – she’s alright…But questioning why only 5 candles, Corny Linquist was called out as a B.I.M.B.O. (In fact there were only 4 candles)


And at 8:42, that was enough for the GM’s to forsake the Pasir Ris crocodile warning, call on on on on, and send the pack off to the Cove for the towers of beer and a great on on

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1846
Tina Tuna's birthday

Circle Report- Run 1846

Tina’s & RI’s Birthday run

Date: Friday 11th August 2017

Run Site: Pasir Ris Park car park F Foxtrot

On-on:Georges@The Cove

Hares: Handbag & Tina Tuna


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:            35, of which 33 Members ( 18 F, 15 M)

Virgins:                                               Not tonight

Visitors & Returnees:                          2 (1 F, 1 M)

New Member:                                    The Pasir Ris Crocodile

Milestones                                          Towers of Beers

Next Week’s Hares:                              Pokai & Bibrator

Run Site:                                             Lorong Sesuai

On-On:                                                The old fav – Red Lantern


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos (see Gallery): A lot by Goody Bag

The GM’s called the pack to order at 8:02 ( they’re getting good). But b4 any charging, some instructions from the stand in hash brew - Pokai. Form the circle around the down down box, and throw your stuff in (not around) the box. But according to Cherry Picker – its not in the guidelines?


Anyway, on with the show, and Voting Bitch and Puk Smuggler start soliciting: too short (the hares?), too much shiggy, too far to Pasir Ris, but it’s a good run, and Handbag and Tina Tuna are all right…..

And how about the on on? Georges@The Cove – just over there by the water. A la carte and two towers of Tiger, got the run an upgrade to great run.


Call in the guests – just two found their way to Pasir Ris – Cereal Killer and Fawlty Bush – Here’s to the visitor’s they’re true blue…..


Next weeks hares – Pokai n Bibrator– Lorong Sesuai followed by the Red Lantern – a winning formula for sure.


Our GM got things going with her retelling of a conversation with an uncle in the taxi on the way to the run site. Explaining the ‘hash’ and where we typically run to the uncle, it turns out the ex army man knew all the good run sites. On in Hooray as the token uncle – he’s alright…..


The GM’s call for a hare whip, and Handbag steps up, and tells us in a somewhat surprising tone, that he actually learnt a lot last week: there was Circle Jerk’sexplanation of Einstein’s theory of ‘relativety’ and the curvature of light around Stick Her Shock’s chest bumpers, then there was the tale of hashers falling down in the shiggy? On in Running Sh#t and Awesome4some. Handbag pulls a bottle of fall arrest (shampoo) out of his pocket, and suggests Running Sh#t try it instead of Grecian 2000. He ought to be publicly…….

Reminiscing in the week of National day, Handbag tells us he has been in SG 14 yrs. And whilst on the bus last week, Tina Tuna bumped into the cleaner from Handbag’sfirst condo. “Alan is such a good man” according to the cleaner (amid calls of bullsh#t, bullsh#t…).


On in Circle Jerk, to be warned – there’s someone always watching. He’s the meanest, he ….

Not letting the hare off so lightly, Voting Bitch calls Handbag back in. Reading from the oracle of truth – The Straits Times, VB recounts the story of a saltwater crocodile seen off Pasir Ris beach a few days ago. And is the croc now a Handbag?


Next it’s Stick Her Shock explaining that the TOTW Pool Toy, was in China, so hold those trumped up charges till next week (Groan – Ed)


And now it’s time for the Mystery Whip. And after a pause more than pregnant, the usual Cherry Picker perfectly-timed-stroll to the keg, it was indeed Running Sh#t who took charge. On in Puk Smugglerand Sooch. Seems Puk Smuggler and Running Sh#t were both very late, and for some reason Running Sh#t is now in the dog house (or is that the new norm?). They’re the meanest…..

For all the  pictures...