Circle Report- Run 1843

Dominator’s Birthday Run

Date: Friday 21st July 2017

Run Site: Tulip Garden, Farrer Rd

On-on: On Site

Hares: Dominator,Bully, Cherry Picker, Ditch & Sweet Thighs


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   46, of which 40 Members ( 20 F, 20 M)

Virgins:                                  2 F

Visitors & Returnees:               (4 F, 2 M)

New Member:                         Not tonight

Milestones                              Roo Rooter (50 runs)

Next Week’s Hares: Stick Her Shock & All Asshorn

Run Site: 247 Montreal Rd, Sembawang

On-On: On Site


Circle Scribe: Airborne

Tulip Garden…after a visit to this 1985 condo, Scribe decided that maybe there was something to this condo living, after all. This run site had all mod cons, showers, changing rooms, undercover car park and a swimming pool, which provided a unique setting for the circle.


Dominator & Bully were excellent hosts so the auguries were good for the run verdict, even before the run began.


After some debate over the location, GM Puck Smuggler & GMs Voting B*tch felt that ankle deep in the paddling pool was the right place so Circle was called at 8.00pm.


Hares, all of them, went shoeless into the pool to hear the RUN VERDICT. There was a lot of noise as usual, objections focussing on the bees, and for once “Too many hares!” Cherry Picker attracted most of the flak, but after all the shouting it had to be conceded it was a GOOD RUN. “Here’s to hares, they’re true blue…”

Where’s your on-on?“Right here at the barbecue station round the corner,” said Bully “and the good news is…it’s free.” “It’s a VERY GOOD Run!” was the reply from the Circle.


Next Week’s Run: No 1844 will be from the residence of Stick Her Shock & All Asshorn (see above), with Onsite On-On by popular request…Cheers from Circle and “Here’s to the Pork-Puller, he’s true blue…”


Guests: Three Returnees:Tiger Lily, Double Back & Blood Sh*t welcome back! and two Virgins, Kris & Nina sadly they had a rival attraction so were gone by Circle-time. Guest Girls were Lap Dog & Ying, the sole Guest Man was Four Scores. “Here’s to Visitors, they’re true blue…”


Hare Whip Bully,

announced this was an historic evening, 30 years since meeting Dominator and 25 years since they

married. He called in Salivafor a down-down, it appears she was the person responsible. “Here’s to Matchmakers, they’re true blue…”


Bully then wanted to know where were the virgins? PoKai made them come after a lot of email persuasion, but they ran away, one was a bee-sting victim. Someone then noticed that the last time Cherry Picker set a run, the pack also suffered stings, so All the Hares were called in …”They’re the

meanest…” Of the victims, see later…


Mystery Whip time and Handbag wanted to know if Puck Smuggler could really live up to his much-complained-about official Hash name…Not Canadian but given honorary citizenship so a pseudo Canadian, his capabilities should be put to the test. MW called for 2 chairs and PS was instructed to kneel on the first whilst clutching the back of the second. Calling for an assistant – Stick her Shock volunteered - he produced surgical gloves for her and similarly equipped himself. Next he produced a Canadian standard ice hockey puck, picked up PS’s hockey stick and proceeded with a rather unorthodox experiment. The results, it has to be said, were not conclusive but “Here’s to Puck Smugglers, they’re true blue…”


Milestones… Voting B*tch called in Roo Rooter and announced this milestone had been THREE YEARS in the making, meaning it had taken him that long to clock up 50 Runs and receive his tee shirt.


POTW: As administrator of the itinerant priapus, PoKai reported it was still with Bagless who was unlucky enough to be awarded custody during one of his rare visits. So apart from he, all men are now prickless, she said apocyphically.


TOTW: Strapless still had difficulty understanding why he won the title last week, but looked for a politician to pass it to. Machine? No, German politics are clean. In the US, on the other hand, there is growing suspicion of corruption in the Elections and he called inDitch & Stash. Had he been American, Strapless would have voted for Hilary Clinton, and noted that many who did are now giving up US Citizenship rather than live under Trump. On a whim, the robe of office went to Stash “He ought to be publically…”


Staying with the theme of POTUS, Voting B*tch drew attention to the cap worn by All Asshorn which sported a Donald-style wig atop. Seems it’s becoming fashionable in Republican parts of the US. Puck Smuggler recovering from having been rodded by his own hockey stick, said it was time to introduce, not the Mystery Whip, but the…

Mystery Witch in the person of On Cash, Wet Landing. “Anything to get you to pay up…still some 50% of members have not yet paid…how about it?”


On a sweeter note, Saliva called in Dominator to receive her Birthday Cake and a song from the Circle…Happy Birthday to you…we won’t ask how many..


Mystery2 Whip: No Good called in the 9 bee sting victims Awesome Foursome, Chicken Sh*t, G-String, Prick Me, Stick her Shock, Wet Landing, Ayam Zinking, Comes Quietlyand Handbag, rather unkindly noting that practically the same people got stung at the AGM Run, hence “B-I-M-B-O…” or you need to run faster next time…

Mystery2 Whip next called in two dirty old men, Bully as look-alike for CooChi Coo, Strapless as himself, and Bibrator.Early on, Bibrator had been seen with her usual plunging neckline, but as the evening wore on, No Good noticed she had covered up. “Why so-Lah?” “I didn’t want C-C-C and other dirty old men staring down my front!”. Well, there’s a thing…


GMs Voting B*tch reminded the gathering that hares had yet to volunteer for slots in August (11th & 18th) and September (15th & 22nd ) please step up if you can do one of these dates…Thanks.


AOB: Puck Smuggler called in Handbag, coincidentally the two had arrived at Tulip Garden about 20 minutes late. They started on chalk, and PS trusted the experienced Handbag to stay on trail. But soon after, they ran into a T-check in a narrow alley “He ought to be publically…”


AOB from Stash calling in Strapless for wearing the “Follow Me – I’m a local” but waiting for FRBs to break checks…


AOB from Tiger Lily – calling in the Hares to receive more stick on the theme of this run’s chaotic checks… Evil, she said. “They ought to be…”


AOB from 8.24, calling in Cherry Picker, said he was delighted to discover an unbroken circle check on the trail, “My self-esteem is rising Oh joy – I’m an FRB at last !” But his feelings were dashed when CP said, “Oh, it was already broken, but I repaired it …” As Tiger Lily said, “Evil!”.


On-On-On was declared at 8.50pm and an excellent repast was enjoyed by all …

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Run 1843
 birthday run

Run 1843 - Dominator’s Birthday Run

Date: Friday 21st July 2017

Hares: Dominator, Bully, Cherry Picker, Ditch & Sweet Thighs


With a squad of canny and wily hares, a trail masterminded by Cherry Picker & Ditch, anticipation was high for a testing Hash.


Certainly it was a challenging run, through condo-land and landed properties, with FRBs frequently frustrated by checks both circle and tee. Not much uphill, the only vertical interest being another Tcheck broken like most by a superfit Tiger Lily.


Additional hazards were drains with low tunnels and a swarm of bees. There were different opinions on the in-trail with several runners short-cutting back on the wrong side of Farrer Rd, but all returned, albeit many with painful reminders of the bee encounter.