Lion City HHH Hareline
Date Run # Hares Run Site On On Notes
31 Mar  1826  Rescu Hare
 Macritchie park
 top carpark
 Always Special
Rescu Run....
or aka, saving hareliner's ass run
7 Apr  1827  Impossible, Ct Dracula, Too Good  end of Tagore Road  Xian Seafood Village  
14 Apr  1828  Comes Quietly  Lorong Sesuai    Nothing Special
21 Apr  1829  Circle Jerk, Sir Long & Thin
 Dempsey Road
 Durian carpark
22 Apr
 The Committee
 Cherry Picker, Cunni Lick Her
 British Club
 British Club  AGM meeting & run
28 Apr  1831
 Voting Bitch, Stick Her Shock,
 Roo Rooter
 Gillman Barracks  Handlebar  Voting Bitch Big 50 Run
5 May  1832  Dickless, Ginseng  TBA  
 Dickless birthday's run
 Farewell run
12 May  1833  Totally Unacceptable  Sentosa  
19 May  1834  Hares needed    
26 May  1835  Airborne    
Airborne's birthday run
2 Jun  1836  G-String, Tiger Lily, Dog Mount
 Lorong Tawas
(Jurong Eco-Garden,
off Clean Tech Loop)
10th Japanese Girls Run
9 Jun  1837  Cumpuss, Pokai    
 June Grannies run
16 Jun  1838  All Ashorn, Stick Her Shock  247 Montreal Road  On Site
 Big Ass Ham Run
23 Jun  1848  Hares needed    
30 Jun  1840  Astronut  Jalan Lam Sam  Farmart
Canada day run
7 Jul  1841  All the Yanks    
American Independence Day run
14 Jul  1842  Hares needed    
21 Jul  1843  Dominator, Cherry Picker, ...
 Tulip Garden
 Swimming Pool
 On site
Dominator's birthday.
28 Jul  1844  Hares needed    
4 Aug  1845  All Singaporeans    
SG National Day run
 ...  Hares needed    
1 Sep  1849  Corny Linguist    
 ...  Hares needed    
29 Sep  1853  Coo Chi Coo  TBA  
CCC birthday's run
6 Oct  1854  Chicken S**t, Running S**t    
S**t Family run
 ...  Hares needed    
10 Nov  1859  All the Scorpios    
Annual Scorpio run
 ...  Hares needed    
5 Jan
 1867  Astronut, Poser    
19th Annual New Year Recovery run
 ...  Hares needed    
26 Jan
 1870  Saliva    
Aye Aye Memorial run
 ...  Hares needed    
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